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Technical scope

RPG 2021 is your best chance to meet and share your latest research results and innovative thinking with the experts worldwide.

The conference will discuss more than 37 topics in 6 themed sessions


A. Wind technology

  • Wind power plant design and wake
  • Wind power plant modelling, control and operation
  • Floating wind turbines
  • Foundations for offshore wind turbines
  • Offshore platforms and foundations for offshore transmission systems
  • Offshore cable systems for array and grid connection systems
  • Extending wind plant life
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Active and reactive power control for grid support



B. PV system technology

  • Power conversion and grid interaction
  • MPPT algorithms
  • Integration of PV into buildings and infrastructure
  • O&M and condition monitoring
  • Lifetime and reliability, including ageing effect



C. Other renewable energy sources

  • Geothermal power generation
  • Marine renewable energy (wave and tidal stream)
  • Solar thermal power generation
  • Hybrid systems combining multiple energy sources, with or without storage
  • Power generation from biomass



D. Smart city

  • Design and operation of smart metering
  • AI application in renewable sources integration
  • IT security and automation systems in power systems
  • Design of Co-simulation in multi-domain analysis
  • Digitalised solutions for renewables integration




E. Grid integration

  • Use of HVDC and DC distribution
  • Use of low-frequency transmission
  • Resiliency of grid with renewable energy sources
  • Renewable energy forecasting
  • Long-term infrastructure planning and investment
  • DC/DC conversion and integration of energy storage devices
  • Compliance with system security and quality standards




F. Technology, policy and market options for power system

  • Ancillary services market of renewable sources generation
  • Integration of power, gas, heat, water, etc.
  • Demand side management, energy storage integration and potential
  • Encouraging flexibility in generation and demand
  • Impact and new solutions for high penetration of renewable resources
  • Market support structures and the inclusion of energy storage





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